If you are looking for a key fob replacement near me, look no further than Mobile Ignition Repair. If your key fob isn’t working or it’s locked inside your car, we can help get you back on the road quickly. When you need a new key fob fast, you need a team you can depend on. We offer expert car key fob replacement services for all makes and models of vehicles.

Professional Car Key Fob Replacement

When it comes to fob key replacement, you don’t want to depend on just anyone. The security of your car and your personal safety need to come first. A professional automotive locksmith will ensure that your car is secure.

If you lost your key, there’s no telling who may have it. That’s why the professionals at Mobile Ignition Repair will replace your fob that is unique to you and your car’s system.

How Does Car Key Fob Replacement Work? 

Key fob replacement can be tricky. They serve several purposes and can be rather complex. It can be costly if you need to go through your car dealership for a car key replacement.

Working with a professional automotive locksmith is much more convenient and less expensive. A locksmith can come to your location and reprogram a new key fob to work with your car’s computer system.

The cost of key fob replacement can be really expensive through your dealership and may take a while. This is not convenient if you need to leave your car unattended and unlocked.

Push-To-Start Key Replacement

Push-to-start key replacement is the process of replacing a lost or damaged key fob for a vehicle with a push-to-start ignition system. A push-to-start key is a type of electronic key that allows the driver to start the car with the press of a button, rather than inserting a physical key into the ignition.

If you have lost or damaged your push-to-start key, you will need to have a new one programmed to work with your vehicle. This process typically involves contacting a professional locksmith or dealership, who will use specialized equipment to program the new key fob to communicate with your vehicle’s computer.

Our Process 

Here at Mobile Ignition Repair, we know you are worried about leaving your car. We can come to your location and help get you back on the road quickly and at an affordable price. 

A professional automotive locksmith can interface with your car’s computer system and program a new key fob for you. And if your car key fob was lost, we will ensure that no one else can access your car.

Whether your fob is lost or damaged, we can help you get your car going again safely and securely.

Expert Car Locksmiths

Our expert automotive locksmiths are all trained and experienced. They work with cars all the time, so they understand what is needed to get you back behind the wheel quickly.

They work with car locks, ignitions, and key fobs all the time, so they have the knowledge and the tools needed to get the job done. Always look for a car locksmith who is licensed and insured.

Why Choose Mobile Ignition Repair

Mobile Ignition Repair has a team of trusted professionals providing excellent customer service at an affordable price. We understand how frustrating it is to lose your fob or if it stops working. 

Mobile Ignition Repair is based in Ottawa and provides mobile ignition repair and locksmith services. We offer same-day service, competitive rates, and excellent customer service with every job we do.  

Avoid paying steep fees at a car dealership when you’re experiencing issues with your car key fob. Contact the ignition repair and locksmith experts at Mobile Ignition Repair for all your automotive locksmith needs.

We serve Ottawa, Kanata, Gatineau, Nepean, Richmond, Embrun, Carleton Place, Goulbourn, Munster, Rockland, Barrhaven, Kemptville, Winchester, Casselman, Westboro, Cumberland, Alm and the surrounding areas.

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Absolutely. Our locksmiths have the expertise and tools to create tailored car keys. Car keys come in two main types: classic metal keys for older vehicles and modern car fobs. For traditional metal keys, our duplication machine creates exact copies, while digital keys require specialized codes and equipment. If you lose your car keys, our locksmiths can help.

The cost to replace a lost car key will vary depending on the make, model and age of your car. A traditional metal key will generally cost less than $10 to replace, while a digital car key will be more expensive. Once we have the necessary information to replace lost car keys, we can create a car key replacement or car key duplication.  Choosing our team is far less expensive than going to a dealer, who can often charge full cost for a key, anywhere between $300 and $500.

Remote Key: $80 to $125

Transponder Key: $200-$300

Smart Key Fob: $200-$300 / 2 Smart Key Fobs $350 (Combo Deal)

Emergency Key: $15

To replace your lost car keys, here are some factors to consider:

Age: If you have an older car model, you may only require a metal key, which can easily be duplicated.

Make and Model: The make and model of your car can also play a role in car key replacement. It may be more complicated or costly to replace high end car keys than an economic car.

Manufacturing origin: If you drive a vehicle that is not commonly found in Ontario, i.e. a European brand car, then you may have to wait for special parts to be ordered in order to replace your car key. 

Time of Day: If you need a key in the middle of the night, car key replacement may take longer than anticipated as local services may be closed.

No. Most car insurance companies will not replace a car key if it is lost. If the key is stolen or goes missing during the execution of a crime, then your insurance company may cover the cost. Talk to your insurance company about your policy limitations.

Yes it is possible to track your car keys depending on the vehicle make and model. Vehicles with more modern technology have tracking technology that allow you to monitor the location of your key. This is most commonly found on transponder keys and smart keys. You can connect it to an app that lets you know the location of your keys and your car at all times. Many keys can also remotely start or shut off your vehicle for further protection. Contact Mobile Ignition Repair to find out if your car keys are capable of this.