Car Theft Ontario and Insurance Impact

As vehicle theft rates continue to rise, it’s crucial for car owners to take proactive steps to protect their vehicles. MIR provides a comprehensive guide on how to prevent car theft and understand its impact on auto insurance.

The Rise in Vehicle Theft Trends

In Canada, a car is stolen every six minutes. The reasons behind these thefts range from joyriding to resale in other countries, or even for use in other crimes.

Modern theft methods have evolved, including exploiting VINs, intercepting smart key fobs radio frequencies, and using technology like Apple AirTags for tracking.

Preventative Measures to Secure Your Vehicle

  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of the latest theft trends in your area.
  • Invest in Security: Install audible alarm systems with GPS tracking and consider steering wheel locks and kill switches.
  • Smart Parking: Always choose well-lit, busy areas for parking, and ensure your garage is locked.
  • Hide Your Valuables: Keep laptops and other items out of sight.
  • Vehicle Etching: Etch your VIN on windows and major parts.
  • Secure Your Keys: Be cautious with keyless car theft and use signal-blocking pouches.
  • Use a Recovery Service: Enroll in a GPS tracking recovery service.
  • Always Lock Up: Never leave your vehicle running unattended and ensure all entry points are secured.

The Impact on Auto Insurance

The likelihood of theft based on vehicle type and location can influence your insurance premiums. Not all auto insurance policies cover car theft, so opting for comprehensive, all perils, or specified perils coverage is essential. The type of car you own, like the Honda Civic, which is commonly stolen in Ontario, can affect your rates.

Residing in high-theft areas also contributes to higher premiums. In the unfortunate event of theft, report immediately to the police and your insurer, if your policy includes theft coverage.

Filing an Insurance Claim

If your vehicle is declared a total loss after a theft, insurers usually pay out the actual cash value, factoring in depreciation. For recovered vehicles, compensation for damages depends on your insurance coverage.

To Sum Up

With vehicle theft on the rise, understanding and implementing effective theft-prevention strategies is key. Additionally, being informed about the type of insurance coverage you have can save a lot of stress and financial strain in case of theft.

At Mobile Ignition Repair & Car Key Services in Ottawa, we understand the importance of vehicle security and are here to assist with any key replacements or security enhancements you may need. For more information or assistance, feel free to contact us at (613) 663-1033.

Remember, staying one step ahead in terms of vehicle security and insurance knowledge can make all the difference in keeping your car safe.


Thieves often use advanced techniques like intercepting smart key fobs radio frequencies, exploiting vehicle identification numbers (VINs), and using tracking devices like Apple AirTags to locate and steal vehicles.

Install security devices like alarms and GPS trackers, use physical deterrents like steering wheel locks, park in well-lit and busy areas, hide valuables, and consider vehicle etching to make your car less appealing to thieves.

Not all policies include theft coverage. You need comprehensive, all perils, or specified perils coverage for theft protection. Always check your policy details or consult your insurance provider.

Insurance rates can be higher for cars and in areas with a higher risk of theft. Cars with a history of being frequently stolen, like the Honda Civic in Canada, may have higher premiums.

Immediately report the theft to the police and your insurance provider, provided you have theft coverage in your policy. Quick reporting is crucial for recovery and claim processing.

A kill switch is a device installed in your car that can interrupt the fuel supply or ignition system, making it impossible to start the car without deactivating the switch first.

Yes, a GPS tracking system can significantly increase the chances of recovering your vehicle if it is stolen and may also reduce your insurance premiums.

Yes, modern key fobs and electronic keys can be intercepted or duplicated by thieves using specialized equipment. It’s important to store these keys securely.

Vehicle etching involves etching the VIN onto the car’s windows and parts, making it harder for thieves to sell the car or its parts, and easier for authorities to identify stolen vehicles.

Steering wheel locks act as a visible deterrent to thieves and make it physically more difficult to steer the car, thus effectively preventing many opportunistic thefts.

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